About the Company

Corporate Policy on Product Quality

We tackle business with sincerity,
while always keeping quality improvement in mind.

We promptly respond to consumer product claims
by investigating the causes.

We make our best endeavors to the management, safety,
and cleaning of the whole factory

All employees participate in the above activities
and positively practice them.

ISO9001 certified in 2003

ISO9001 Manafement System Certificate

ISO 9001 Appendix

ISO14001 certified in 2018

ISO9001 Manafement System Certificate

ISO 9001 Appendix

Corporate Profile

Company name NAKAJIMA & Co., LTD
Locations Head Office 5-4-108 Nankominami Suminoe-ku,Osaka-shi,
Osaka-fu 559-0032 Japan
Tel.+81-6-6612-5551 Fax.+81-6-6612-5357
  Laser Factory  
  Laser No.2 Factory  
  Laser No.3 Factory  
  Shikoku Branch and Ehime Factory  
  Kyushu Branch and Ohmuta Factory  
  Kanto Branch Office  
  Kanto Branch and Urayasu Factory  
  Kanto Branch and Kazusa Factory  
  Taiwan (Takao) Office  
Representative Director Motohiro Nakajima President and Representative Director
Founded December 1st, 1963
Established April 4th, 1970 (Incorporated)
Capital JPY 90 million
Sales JPY 15.6 billion(August 2017)
Number of Employees 155(May 2018)
Business contents gas-cutting and processing extremely thick steel plate.
Oxy-fuel flame,Plasma and Laser cutting,machinimg,welding
Group Companies Nakajima Co.,Ltd.
Matsumoto Shearing Factory Co.,Ltd.